Apple responds to complaint that Foxconn factory broke labor laws

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Apple's largest supplier, Foxconn, has acknowledged that its hiring of temporary workers and their overtime hours at a campus of factories in central China were not "consistent with company guidelines", according to a statement sent to Sixth Tone on Monday.

The CLW report revealed that several of its investigators were employed at Hon Hai's Zhengzhou Foxconn factory, and one of the investigators worked for Foxconn for more than four years, adding that due to the long investigation period, the report was able to learn many details about the working and living conditions at the factory in Henan province.

Foxconn separately confirmed over-reliance on temporary workers, known internally dispatch workers, Reuters said.

As student interns returned to school at the end of August, the temporary staff is closer to 30 per cent. Apple said that it is working with Foxconn to resolve the issue.

When we find issues, we work with our suppliers to take immediate corrective action.We looked into the claims by China Labor Watch and most of the allegations are false.

The report from China Labor Watch also alleged that interns were working overtime, which is in violation of Apple's internal company standards.

Apple and its partner, Foxconn, is now under scrutiny due to their practices in making the latest iPhone 11.

"Our work to address the issues identified in our Zhengzhou facility continues", Foxconn said. That is almost three times higher than the 36 overtime hours allowed by Chinese labor law.

The China Labor Watch report stated that student workers had been pushed to work overtime, "completing internships at the factory that are unrelated to their degree". It has reportedly been working with its partner, Foxconn, to settle the issue.

The company said it was gradually adjusting the number and the ratio of dispatch workers to comply with the requirements of China's laws.

Other allegations raised by CLW include improper pay, refusal to accept resignations and forced and unpaid overtime work, among others. Foxconn, who is contracted to build iPhones, has been employing way more temporary workers than it's allowed to according to Chinese law. Foxconn Technology Group additionally confirmed the dispatch employee violation following an operational overview.

The factory didn't provide the workers with adequate protective equipment, even though workers said they were exposed to toxic chemicals every day. China's labor law stipulates that a worker's monthly overtime should not exceed 36 hours.

"We will not hesitate to take any additional steps that might be required to meet the high standards we set for our operations", Foxconn said.

In Apple's most recent report, the organization said it led in excess of 44,000 meetings in 2018 with representatives of providers to guarantee they got preparing and knew about legitimate channels to voice concerns.

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