Fake Florida psychic sentenced for stealing $1.6M to remove family curse

Fake Psychic

Fake Psychic

A woman in Florida who claimed to be a psychic fortune teller has been sentenced to over three years in prison for scamming a Texas woman out of $1.6 million to lift a made-up curse on her and her family.

Uwanawich previously pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced last week in Miami, over a decade after the scheme began, according to the statement.

Uwanawich was posing as a psychic in 2007 when she met her victim in Houston and convinced her that there was a curse on her and her family, according to the DOJ.

It went on to explain that Uwanawich grew up in Roma culture, and her family supported themselves with money made fortune-telling.

"Don't look down on the victim", he said.

After years of taking hundreds here and there to cover candle and crystal costs, Uwanawich was able to convince the woman that her late mother had been cursed by a witch in South America.

The student paid her with student loans, gift cards, clothing, a leased vehicle and borrowed money, according to the Chronicle.

When Uwanawich moved back to Florida, her "friend" continued to send her money via Western Union, but in 2014 she chose to come clean and tell the victim there was no curse. She must also pay restitution.

Bob Nygaard, a retired NY police officer and psychic fraud private investigator, told the paper confidence crimes that exploit a victim's fears are common across the country.

It was later found that Uwanawich had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in psychiatric reports submitted to the court.

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