Gmail finally starts rolling out dark mode for Android 10

How to Force Dark Mode on Web Pages in Google Chrome

How to Force Dark Mode on Web Pages in Google Chrome

San Francisco: Google has started rolling out the dark mode for its Gmail app Android, over a week after the release of Android 10. As reported by 9to5Google, the search giant has started rolling out dark theme on Gmail's Android app as a part of a server-side update.

Luckily, the theme does not look half baked and covers nearly all the major aspects, judging by these screenshots. However, from what we've seen, the implementation of the Dark Theme seemed to be a work in progress.

In addition to this option, Google Gmail includes a manual light and dark toggle. This should make for easier reading and slightly less contrast than you might find in Android 10's system settings with dark theme enabled. Now that Pixel devices are starting to get the dark mode, other devices running Android 10 and below should be getting it soon enough.

The dark mode option simply put turns your white screens to black and your black text to white.

Several Google apps such as the dazzlingly white Play Store, however, still lack a dark theme.

Icons, avatars, labels, buttons and other colours in the inbox are now less bright too.

Dark themes have been an eagerly-anticipated option for Android users because of the way Google has continually teased it. Along with dark mode, the latest update also brings some Media Player improvements in the form of new controls, such as Skip, Rewind, and Autoplay.

The arrival of Dark Theme is undoubtedly one of the most exciting features in the Android 10 Update, which recently rolled out to Google's Pixel smartphones.

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