Johnson says he is ‘cautiously optimistic’ of new Brexit deal

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker will meet Boris Johnson on Monday

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker will meet Boris Johnson on Monday

"The clear intention of the Prime Minister in pursuing this strategy of non co-operation with, and attempted disruption of the European Union is to subvert the clear will and frustrate the unequivocal intention of the Union Parliament as expressed in the 2019 act that the United Kingdom not leave the European Union on October 31 2019 without a deal".

Asked whether he had lied to the Queen about his reasons to suspend sitting, he said: "Absolutely not".

Johnson said the current session of parliament was longer than any since the English civil war in the 17th century, adding that lawmakers would have plenty of time to again discuss Brexit after an European Union summit on Oct 17 and 18.

It has been claimed the party, which supports the government with a supply and confidence relationship, was willing to move its red lines on Brexit to back a Northern Ireland only trade deal.

But despite the new law, Mr Johnson said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than ask for an extension.

Asked who he thought would benefit from Brexit, Juncker said that Brexit would be a "lose-lose situation" for both the United Kingdom and the EU.

Opponents of the backstop in the British parliament worry it would lock the United Kingdom into the EU's orbit for years to come.

"The British since the very beginning were part-time Europeans".

But Coveney said that there were "significant gaps" between British proposals and what Ireland and the European Union would consider.

Aidan O'Neill QC, the same lawyer who persuaded Court of Session judges this week that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful, addressed the court during the five minute long hearing.

"The High Court in England plainly agrees with us but the Supreme Court will have to decide.We need a Queen's Speech, we need to get on and do all sorts of things at a national level".

The government is appealing against the decision and a ruling will be made by the Supreme Court in London on Tuesday. Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the ruling, saying it is a matter for the government.

A group of pro-EU campaigners have called upon senior Scottish judges to consider imprisoning the Prime Minister if he ignores Parliament and pursues a "no deal" Brexit.

Mr Johnson also told one shoe-seller: "We're going to get a deal". And if we don't, we're coming out on October 31.

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