Trump Claims Bolton Was ‘Holding Me Back’ on Venezuela

Trump Claims Bolton Was ‘Holding Me Back’ on Venezuela

Trump Claims Bolton Was ‘Holding Me Back’ on Venezuela

His administration has sought to collapse the government of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro with expansive US economic sanctions, a campaign Bolton eagerly promoted himself on Twitter.

President Trump on Thursday pushed back on the idea that former national security adviser John Bolton was too much of a hawk - asserting that it was Bolton who was constraining him.

A day later, Trump told reporters he didn't see eye-to-eye with Bolton, who referred to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua as the "Troika of Tyranny" in a Miami speech past year. "If in fact the direction of policy changes it won't be to make it weaker", Rubio had tweeted. "He was holding me back!".

Trump made clear on Wednesday that he didn't like all the advice he got from Bolton on Venezuela, saying, "I thought he was way out of line and I think I've been proven to be right".

Bolton is not the only Trump appointee known for hawkish bluster, and his own party provides a virtually endless supply of the same.

Trump didn't elaborate in a tweet on Thursday.

The mood swing may be explained by recent reports that Maduro intends to present a petition to the United Nations critical of the USA president and his policies - likely including his "maximum pressure" sanctions campaign now crippling the Venezuelan economy.

It's unclear what Trump was referring to about his stance on Cuba.

Rubio, despite being the highest-profile advocate in Congress for elevating Venezuela's humanitarian crisis, has not called for the USA military to get involved, unlike some other lawmakers such as Florida Republican Sen.

A spokesperson for Scott said the senator hasn't talked to Trump but did speak with acting National Security Advisor Charles Kupperman after Bolton's firing.

"The administration cared about Venezuela before John Bolton", the spokesperson said.

The president has periodically refused to rule out military action against Maduro's regime.

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