UK Labour’s Corbyn: A no-deal Brexit is a 'Trump-deal Brexit'

UK Labour’s Corbyn: A no-deal Brexit is a 'Trump-deal Brexit'

UK Labour’s Corbyn: A no-deal Brexit is a 'Trump-deal Brexit'

With a deepening crisis over Brexit in Britain, both Labour and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's governing Conservative Party are already drawing the battle lines for an early election.

Two newspaper adverts set out his offer to help "secure a big Brexit majority" and to "destroy Corbyn's Labour".

Mr Farage has called for an electoral pact with the Conservatives - something emphatically ruled out by Downing Street.

Asked whether Tom Watson is wrong in his view that there should be a referendum before an election, he replied: "It's Tom's view".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he is "eager for an election" but wants to see legislation created to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31 October implemented first.

They have just met after a night of high drama in parliament.

Party policy is to push for a general election later this year, after they are certain that Boris Johnson can't deliver a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

Speaking during a visit to Walsall College, Mr Corbyn said stopping a no-deal Brexit was his priority, followed by a general election and then a public vote on any new European Union withdrawal agreement.

The aim is try to see off the threat from a "Remain alliance" of opposition parties who oppose Brexit and could depose the Tories.

Labour Brexiteers are much more likely to switch to Nigel Farage than the Conservatives, a study has found.

He made the offer in a full-page advert in the Sun and a wraparound advert in the Daily Express on Wednesday.

Labour's manifesto will promise a referendum on Brexit, with a choice between Remain and a renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement.

While parliament has so far blocked two of Johnson's requests for an election, Farage said it was clear that there would be one soon and that traditional party loyalties to Conservative and Labour had changed due to Brexit. "We can stand on our own two feet, put our message across".

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