A harvest moon is coming on Friday the 13th, folks

Our Harvest Moon Riseth

Our Harvest Moon Riseth

Tonight an uncommon event will occur in the skies over the United Kingdom: a Harvest Moon showing up on Friday the 13th.

If you are of the 10% that is superstitions, fear not the full moon on Friday the 13. It is what we call the Moon when it's in its Full Moon or the New Moon phase and is at its greatest distance from the centre of the earth. That is as a result of the moon being at apogee - the point in its orbit where it is the farthest from Earth.

This Friday the 13th full moon won't technically reach peak illumination until 12:32 a.m. However, the difference between the micromoon and any other full moon might not actually be entirely apparent unless you're an avid moon watcher.

According to Timeanddate.com. a micromoon appears 14 percent smaller and 30 percent dimmer than the more sensational supermoons. The final time it occurred was within the yr 2000 and it gained't occur once more till 2049.

Despite the fact that in case everyone is being technical, it'll really be on Saturday 14th as it'll hit the peak at about 5.30am BST.

The Harvest Moon is the title given to the total moon that happens closest to the September equinox every year. This also explains how the celestial phenomenon got its name: the brightness of the moonlight allowed farmers to continue harvesting their crops, despite the sun having already set. It occurs when the moon is positioned on the alternative aspect of Earth from the solar, absolutely illuminating it.

Delaney said that the Harvest Moon is expected to be extraordinary. You may sometimes hear it referred to as the Full Corn Moon for a similar reason. And an actual Friday the 13th harvest moon won't reappear again until 2171!

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