Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps following Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook suspends ‘tens of thousands’ of apps for user data issues

Facebook suspends ‘tens of thousands’ of apps for user data issues

A man poses with a magnifier in front of a Facebook logo on display in this illustration taken in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on December 16, 2015.

Facebook has suspended tens of thousands of apps for improperly using users' personal information - orders of magnitude larger than the 400 they'd previously acknowledged - but they've promised to do better next time.

The FTC privacy probe was triggered previous year by allegations that Facebook violated a 2012 consent decree and inappropriately shared information of 87 million users with British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.

"It is important to understand that the apps that have been suspended are associated with about 400 developers", Archibong said in a blog post.

Facebook said Friday its app investigation is ongoing and it has looked at millions of apps so far.

Facebook has released little specific information on the tens of thousands of apps or hundreds of developers in question.

Media captionHow the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal unfolded What do we know about the apps? And it filed an action against two other companies, LionMobi and JediMobi, that used their apps to infect users' cellphones with malware in a sort of profit-generating scheme.

Facebook has suspended "tens of thousands" of apps on its platform that were found to be "inappropriately" sharing data.

Facebook said a recent agreement on privacy with the US Federal Trade Commission, which included a record $5 billion fine, calls for additional oversight on app developers.

"It requires developers to annually certify compliance with our policies" and that developers who don't do this will be "held accountable". As each month goes by, we have incorporated what we learned and reexamined the ways that developers can build using our platforms.

Some of the applications that have been affected by the investigation include My personalityapp and South Korean firm Rankwave.

Also on Friday, the head of the House Intelligence Committee said Zuckerberg has assured him that Facebook is working on ways to prevent foreign actors from disrupting next year's elections.

It led to a massive backlash against Facebook that included CEO Mark Zuckerberg being called to testify before Congress.

Facebook also will be required to conduct privacy reviews of every new or modified product, service or practice before it is implemented, including for its WhatsApp and Instagram services. Facebook was widely criticized for its failure to protect user privacy, and pledged to audit its developer relationships to find other potential issues.

"We're going to set a completely new standard for our industry". Lawmakers including Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sharply challenged Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg over his company's data collection practices during private meetings in Washington this week.

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