Global Climate Strike Scenes from Across the World

Dozens of Kansas City students gathered at Theis Park midday Friday to demand local and national action to fight climate change

Dozens of Kansas City students gathered at Theis Park midday Friday to demand local and national action to fight climate change

Scientists will leave their labs. From there, students walked across the Willamette River to OMSI for what organizers called a "festival".

Young climate action leaders who helped to bring the Global Climate Strike to fruition are gathering Saturday at the NY for a historic Youth Climate Summit. A second strike is planned for September 27. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos pledged Thursday to make the U.S. tech giant carbon neutral by 2040 and encouraged other firms to do likewise.

They chanted about keeping oil in the ground and held signs that said things like "The temperature's rising, [or] the seas are rising, so we are too", or "I'd be in school if the earth were cool", or "Missing one day of school won't end the world - climate change will!"

"It's a great opportunity when they are gathered here", she told AFP at New York's city hall, before joining the march, adding that some leaders "seem more determined than others".

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has warned world leaders the "eyes of the world will be on them" at a key United Nations summit next week. On Monday, at the UN Climate Action Summit, we'll find out how many were listening.

Zoe Breimhorst and 11-year-old Tilly listen to speakers during the rally Friday in St. Paul. It's just something we should do.

"If you're fighting climate change, you're not fighting against anybody", said Margaret Kunecky, a student at Alameda Science and Technology Institute in the Alameda Unified School District.

"It's important to change climate change now because if we don't, when I grow up, I might not have a future", said Fox.

Thunberg, who arrived in NY three weeks ago via an emission-free yacht, concluded the speeches, urging politicians to take greater action on climate change.

Gov. Gary Herbert was not in Utah during the protest because of a trade mission in Japan, in which he discussed the Utah Advanced Clean Energy Storage project.

GMA: Do you feel like when you talk to people in America, it's different than anywhere else you've traveled to.

Greta: After today, I am going to stay in NY for a while for the UN Week and join several events, and then for the big strike on the 27th of September in one week, I am going up to Montreal to join that climate strike, and then I'm going to try to get to Santiago.

An estimated 1.1 million students were allowed to skip school after the city announced they wouldn't be penalized for missing school if they attended the strike. "I'll pray that you join me before we don't have a choice", Apaak said in her performance.

Numerous adults on the streets of NY said it was the first time they had picked up a protest sign over climate threats. Over half of the adults surveyed also reported feeling afraid, and an even 50% reported feeling angry. Australia's acting prime minister Michael McCormack (who is actually the deputy prime minister, but is filling in for PM Scott Morrison while he is in Washington meet with President Donald Trump) called the protests a "disruption" and suggested that students would learn more if they attended school today.

For the two strikes this month, organizers hope to expand their scope to include adult workers. On Thursday, facing pressure from his own staff, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos vowed to make the world's largest retailer carbon-neutral by 2040 and to purchase 100,000 electric delivery vans.

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