Andy Rubin tweets photos of shapely new Essential phone

Essential's radical Project GEM

Essential's radical Project GEM"reinterprets mobile

Essential Products looks to be working on one that will definitely shake things up where looks are concerned.

Essential founder and Android co-founder Andy Rubin's tweet have made everyone curious about the Essential's next phone. He called the smartphone "GEM Colorshift material" so we can assume that the phone will be named as an Essential Gem phone. The smartphone got in the news primarily for its tiny notch design, which was new for the time.

From what was revealed, the Essential GEM looks like a run-of-the-mill phone vertically cut in half. Rumors of an Essential Phone 2 circulated for a bit, but nothing was ever released from this company founded by Andy Rubin. The new smartphone features a shiny, reflective rear panel with "GEM colour-shift material". There is a camera bump on the back which carries a single sensor.

An Essential spokesperson told The Verge that this is the company's new phone and it is under early testing with Essential team outside the lab.

Essential didn't provide any details or specifications on this Project GEM device, but posted two images on Twitter. It's clear that the 360 camera accessory from the Essential Phone is not compatible with this new phone. Last year Rubin suggested a way to solve phone addiction is by moving to a "relatively small" screen combined with software that responds mostly to voice commands - is this it?

Rubin shows off a "new UI for a radically different form-factor" in the images, with what appears to be navigation buttons at the of the device, along with the Android navigation pill at the top-right side of the display. Later, the official Twitter handle of Essential also tweeted official pictures of the device.

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