Police arrest man who barged onto American Airlines flight

Police have arrested a man after witnesses said he tried to force his way onto a plane at Miami International Airport.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Miami had to be removed Monday morning after he bypassed the gate agent and ran onto the airplane, police and airline officials said.

The man, who has not been identified, had a ticket for Flight 1060, which was going to Newark. Once on the plane, the man repeatedly asked other passengers for the time, according to cellphone video a passenger provided to CNN affiliate WSVN-TV.

American Airlines spokeswoman Alexis Aran Coello said in an email that the passenger bypassed the gate agent as he ran by.

Passengers in first class stopped him until authorities came and removed the man from the aircraft.

The flight eventually took off at 7:45 a.m.

Officers say the man began saying things that led them to believe he was in some sort of crisis, forcing them to take him into custody and delay the flight's takeoff.

"The plane was subsequently searched for damage and contraband, firearms, explosives, et cetera, and the plane was searched and all clear", Cowart said.

The man was detained under the Baker Act, a law allowing someone to be involuntarily held for up to 72 hours at a mental health facility if they meet certain criteria.

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