UAW Union Pushes GM To Boost US Auto Production

UAW Union Pushes GM To Boost US Auto Production

UAW Union Pushes GM To Boost US Auto Production

The strike at the No.1 USA carmaker began on September 16, with its 48,000 members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union seeking higher pay, greater job security, a bigger share of the automaker's profit and protection of healthcare benefits.

Two issues separating General Motors and the UAW during weeks of contract talks are also keeping union janitors from reaching a new deal with Aramark, a top union negotiator said Tuesday, Oct. 8.

The UAW wrote in the letter stating positions are not protected when GM products are made in other countries and sold in the U.S.

The union continues by stating GM vehicles that are sold here should be built here.

Dittes has also been the UAW official most often updating striking autoworkers on the status of negotiations between GM and the union.

A New York Times article highlights the personal costs of the strike, and provides more numbers to illustrate the costs. 1,200 truckers and production workers from suppliers in Flint, Michigan lost their jobs.

"We have made it clear that there is no job security for us when GM products are made in other countries for the objective of selling them here in the U.S.A.", Dittes said.

To date, the strike has hit as many as 150,000 workers in the auto industry, a report from research and consulting firm Anderson Economic Group (AEG) showed on Tuesday.

About 75,000 employees of auto parts suppliers have either been temporarily laid off or have seen their wages shrink due to the slump in demand from GM, according to the AEG report.

GM's share price dropped by 2.5% on Tuesday as broader indexes fell.

The stoppage has also led to $155 million in lost federal income and payroll tax revenue and $9.1 million in lost MI income tax revenue.

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