Warren edges ahead of Biden in latest US polls

Warren edges ahead of Biden in latest US polls

Warren edges ahead of Biden in latest US polls

Biden on Tuesday announced a $750 billion higher education plan that envisions two years of free community college and student debt forgiveness for more Americans, as he tried to keep up with the leftward march of the Democratic Party.

The Biden campaign said Tuesday that giving free access to community college courses would cut the cost of a four-year degree in half. But Biden's policy shows a sharp contrast between the former vice president and his two top competitors in the polls: Sens.

Mr. Biden and his wife Jill, a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, wanted to put forward a plan that is both "progressive" and "achievable", Ms. Bedingfield said. Many of them are first-generation college students. "It goes beyond tuition and supports a holistic approach to retention and completion", Biden said. They juggle multiple jobs and care for their families.

The plan makes official several policies the former vice president often discusses on the trail about student debt as well. Biden's policy includes his plan for reducing student loan debt obligations for students who go into the public service sector, allowing $10,000 of undergrad or graduate debt relief per year for up to five years of service.

Biden's plan would also invest 50-billion dollars in high-quality job training programs, reduce student loan debt and make more Pell grants available.

He would guarantee that those earning less than $25,000 owe nothing on their undergraduate federal student loans, while everyone else's payments are capped at 5% of their discretionary income above $25,000 - halving the current 10% cap.

"We reject any premise that his plan is not equally bold as those plans", an adviser told reporters on a call previewing the policy.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren of MA and Bernard Sanders of Vermont, two of Mr. Biden's top rivals, proposed plans for tuition-free public colleges and forgiveness of most current student debt. Sanders has proposed wiping away all $1.6 trillion of existing U.S. student loan debt, while Warren says she would eliminate 95% of that debt.

Biden's plan would also allocate $70 billion for investments in historically black colleges and universities, minority-serving institutions and tribal colleges and universities.

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