Extinction Rebellion protester grounds flight at London City Airport

Boris Johnson's father joins climate protesters in London The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's father joins climate protesters in London The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

A spokesman for London City Airport said as of 09:15 BST more than 60 flights which had either arrived or departed.

The climate change group are preparing to begin an occupation of London City Airport, in an attempt to stop flights from the airport for three days.

Speaking to The Yorkshire Post Mr Sobel added: "As a lifelong environmentalist, I feel that it is vital the Government immediately calls a climate emergency".

The middle-aged man, wearing a long coat and glasses, is holding a phone up in the air.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I think we've got to take a fairly relaxed view on this".

But people have pointed out the "reckless" and "self-serving" nature of the airport protest after Extinction Rebellion tweeted its plans.

The passenger who looks like he's filming cuts in: "Sorry, can you do us all a favour and remove him from the plane?"

"We are not seeing a fall in our climate emissions, we are not seeing the transformation of our society that we need if we are to avoid warming of over one and a half degrees and the awful climatic effects that will bring and what's really important here is one, we're building public pressure, and two we're pressuring the legislature, we're pressuring Parliament".

Again apologising, the man gives the passengers a quick explanation of why he's staging the protest, saying: "I'm extremely sorry to disturb everybody here".

According to people on board the flight, the plane had to return to the gate where the plane was met by police who escorted the man off the plane.

In a statement, Aer Lingus said: "Aer Lingus can confirm that a passenger scheduled to travel on EI283 flight from London City to Dublin airport was removed from the flight due to disruptive behaviour on board".

Activists have been camped on rounds around Parliament Square and Whitehall since Monday calling for urgent action on climate change and wildlife.

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