Germany shooter livestreamed attack on Twitch

2 people killed in shooting outside German synagogue on holiest day in Judaism

2 people killed in shooting outside German synagogue on holiest day in Judaism

Typically, social networks like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook will recommend videos when they begin to surge in popularity.

A shooting at a synagogue in Halle, Germany, on Wednesday during Yom Kippur was live-streamed on Twitch.

The suspect is a 27-year-old German who acted alone, according to local media. Drago Bock, a spokesman for the city, said Halle had been on a state of "high alert" from early. They initially urged residents to stay at home, and the city's train station was closed.

German anti-terrorist prosecutors confirmed have taken over the case.

In the video, the man unsuccessfully attempts to break into the synagogue.

Pictures from the scene showed a body lying in the street behind a police cordon.

People, wearing traditional Jewish clothing, react after they were escorted to a bus at a Jewish cemetery and synagogue in Halle, Germany.

The head of Germany's Jewish community, Josef Schuster, called the absence of police guards outside the synagogue on Yom Kippur "scandalous" as members of the congregation described waiting behind locked doors for the police to arrive, which took more than 10 minutes. "We must protect Jewish life", said Steinmeier.

Inside the building, where 70 to 80 worshipers were present, a synagogue official nearly immediately noticed the attack on a surveillance screen, said a witness, Christina Feist, 29. Dpa quoted unidentified security sources as saying that an assailant laid home-made explosives outside. He told n-tv television: "He had an assault rifle and a helmet and suddenly he threw what looked like a grenade".

By that point, the suspect had already shot a woman in the street and a man at a nearby kebab shop.

In the video, the gunman speaking in heavily German-accented English launched into a diatribe against Jews, claiming that the Holocaust never existed. "The man behind me probably died". "The others looked for the back entrance".

"I originally planned to storm a mosque or an antifa "culture centre", which are way less defended, but even killing 100 golems won't make a difference, when on a single day more than that are shipped to Europe", he wrote, using one of the many derogatory terms for Jews with which he peppered the screed.

"That was a shock for us, that was Yom Kippur, all phones were switched off, we had to understand what was going on first - then switch on my phone and then call the police", he said.

Synagogues are often protected by police in Germany.

According to the USA ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, 10 Americans were in the synagogue during shooting - all were uninjured. "We have to fight against anti-Semitism in our country", tweeted German foreign minister Heiko Maas.

"It shows that right-wing extremism is not only some kind of political development, but that it is highly risky and exactly the kind of danger that we have always warned against", he added.

"According to what we now know we have to assume that it was at least an anti-Semitic attack", Mr Seehofer said in a statement.

A police officer stands in front of a kebab grill in Halle, Germany, October 9, 2019. Scores of police vans and a helicopter could be seen on the edge of the small town a few hours later.

The European Parliament held a moment of silence to commence its session on Wednesday to mark the ongoing situation in Halle.

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