Issa Rae is the New Google Assistant Voice to Try!

Issa Rae- Google Assistant voice

Issa Rae- Google Assistant voice

Rae's voice is available to answer your questions for a limited time in English in the United States on any device with Google Assistant - smart speakers like the Google Home, smart displays like the Google Home Hub and smartphones. That would be yet another way to invoke the next-gen Assistant beyond the traditional hot words, swiping up from the corners, or squeezing the frame on the Pixel 4.

Once you activate Issa's voice, you will be able to hear the celebrity answer simple questions about the weather or some essential trivia.

At this time, "raise to talk" appears to be a work in progress and XDA-Developers noticed that the "lifting your phone" strings have been removed in future versions of the Google app.

"Hey Google, Tell me a secret".

"Give me a quote from Issa Rae".

Our prayers to have Issa Rae part of our daily lives has finally been answered. The new voices are powered by WaveNet, an AI-based voice synthesizer created by DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google UK.

"Hey Google, What do you think of me?"

Rae said she went through "a pretty intensive process" that involved her spending many hours in a recording booth, "saying various sentences that did not make any sense" and "so many words that I have never ever pronounced before".

Or ask, "Mirror Talk" or "How do I look?" for confidence-boosting affirmations.

"Hey Google, Tell me something awkward". They will also hear some iconic Issa Rae phrases and motivational encouragement that can easily make anyone's day better. Rae will even respond to questions pertaining to her hit series, such as "Do you love Daniel or Lawrence more?" and "Who is your best friend?" However, it will only be an option in the US when your language is set to US English.

Once you've programmed Rae's voice, try asking your Assistant, "Hey Google..."

Which devices support cameo voices?

Rae's cameo voice is available on any device that has the Google Assistant, including Google Home speakers, smart displays like the new Nest Hub Max, and on mobile for Android and iOS.

Rae will be following in John Legend's footsteps as he recently lent his smooth voice to the virtual assistant last spring.

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