Steam's 'Remote Play Together' will give online support to local multiplayer games

Called "Remote Play Together", this functionality will give online support to local-only multiplayer games via a system similar to Parsec (a kind of VPN service). This new addition will support up to 4 players and renders 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p (requires a connection between 10 to 30 Mbps for a successful low-latency session). Dubbed "Remote Play Together", the feature was announced on the Steamworks website, which only devs have access to, though a couple have already shared the information publicly. The message also reads that "this feature is created to add value to multiplayer games which do not already have native online capabilities". As such, PC gamers will be able to play with their friends online the games that were not supporting online play previous (but obviously had support for local MP play). As Steam is simulating local network multiplayer over the internet, it should "just work" without games needing to be patched.

Valve is set to add a useful new feature to Steam.

Some PC games include a local multiplayer option for groups of people who want to play together in the same location. Remote Play Together will show all of the participating players the same screen - it's a virtual mimic of everyone sitting together and gaming in the living room in college, minus the pot smoke.

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