‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ apparently leaked by Italian Apple App Store

Fortnite Theory ‘Save the World’ and ‘Battle Royale’ stories merge for Fortnite Chapter 2By Jimmy Russo

Fortnite Theory ‘Save the World’ and ‘Battle Royale’ stories merge for Fortnite Chapter 2By Jimmy Russo

The end is near, folks. Instead, it appears that Epic will rebrand the game to Fortnite Chapter 2, along with a long-awaited new map and the addition of a new vehicle with boats.

We should only have to wait a couple of days to find out if these leaks are correct and Fortnite Chapter 2 is real, as The End is set to start on Sunday, October 13th. According to leaks, data-mined information, and some official teasers, the end of Season 10 will mark the end of the Fortnite map and the current Fortnite plot.

The most recent leak involves the iOs store in Italy.

An image taken from the Italian App Store has been shared on social networks that shows a familiar Fortnite-style scenario but is emblazoned with the words "Fortnite Capitolo 2". As many players pointed out, the environment shown doesn't look anything like the existing map, so it seems likely that the next stage of Fortnite, whether it's another season or a new chapter, will either evolve the map considerably or introduce a second map altogether. Epic is still being cryptic about what the next season of Fortnite will bring.

We expected a few teasers ahead of the Fortnite Season 11 start date this weekend but didn't get anything until today. A new storyline is also rumored to be coming with the new content. The description of the r/FortniteCompetitive says it best: Season 11 waiting room. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter. Would a new map be enough to tempt you back to the battle royale?

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