Arab League chief says Turkey's operation in Syria "military invasion"

A Turkish police armored vehicle patrols the town of Akcakale Sanliurfa province southeastern Turkey at the border with Syria Saturday Oct. 12 2019. The towns along Turkey's border with northeastern Syria have been on high alert after dozens of mort

A Turkish police armored vehicle patrols the town of Akcakale Sanliurfa province southeastern Turkey at the border with Syria Saturday Oct. 12 2019. The towns along Turkey's border with northeastern Syria have been on high alert after dozens of mort

Turkey had been poised to enter northeast Syria since President Donald Trump ordered US troops, who have been fighting with Kurdish-led forces against Islamic State, to pull out.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry asserted that Turkey must be held accountable for any repercussions that ensue from its aggression on Syrian territories urging the worldwide community to bear its responsibilities with regard to that assault.

Turkey's stated broader objective is to set up a "safe zone" inside Syria to resettle numerous 3.6 million Syrian war refugees it has been hosting.

Speaking to VOA Persian, SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali said people in northern Syria were "frustrated and disappointed" that President Donald Trump withdrew dozens of US troops that had been stationed in northern Syria earlier this week, shortly before Turkey launched the offensive.

What did the Kurds say?

Fighting on the Syrian border with Turkey has prevented the SDF from securing IS detention camps in areas under its control, senior official Redur Xelil said in a televised statement on Saturday.

"Guarding IS prisons is no longer a priority". "Don't forget they are fighting for their land, they haven't helped us fight for our land", Trump said.

Instead, he said, SDF forces would "move to protect our cities and our people".

He warned that the Turkish operation was opening the way for IS to regroup.

The comments come after two deadly vehicle bombs in both cities a day earlier, claimed by IS.

USA officials say an American military outpost in Kobane, in northeastern Syria has been evacuated after Turkish artillery shells landed nearby.

The SDF says it is now holding more than 12,000 suspected IS members in seven prisons, and at least 4,000 of them are foreign nationals. The exact locations have not been revealed, but some are reportedly close to the Turkish border.

Citing sources in the camp at Ain Issa, Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman said there was a state of "anarchy" inside.

"The US demands that Turkey avoid actions that could result in immediate defensive action", DeWalt said.

How is the offensive developing?

The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria earlier said some members of Islamic State families had managed to slip out of the camp after it was shelled by advancing Turkish and Syrian rebel forces.

Public and private hospitals in Ras al Ain and Tel Abyad, the two main targets of the Turkish-led offensive, have been closed since Friday.

Elsewhere, Turkey's allies say they have seized strategically important roads 30km away from the border, and captured more than a dozen villages.

Turkey deliberately fired artillery rounds near an observation post manned by US soldiers in northern Syria possibly as part of an effort to push them further away from the border, according to American military officials.

"Since the beginning of the Turkish army invasion operation dormant Daesh cells have committed attacks".

What are the casualty figures?

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also dismissed an offer by U.S. President Donald Trump to mediate between Ankara and Kurdish YPG forces.

"As a precaution, we ceased fire upon receiving information from the U.S. We firmly reject the claim that U.S. or Coalition forces were fired upon".

The Turkey-backed fighters have denied her killing, saying they had not advanced that far, according to Reuters news agency.

The Arab League held an emergency meeting on Saturday and issued a closing statement asserting that Turkey's aggression on Syria is a threat to the region's security and that it must be held responsible, if terror organizations rebuild.

"In expectation of the end of this offensive, France has made a decision to suspend all plans to export to Turkey weapons that could be used in this offensive", the joint Saturday statement from the ministries read.

Finland, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands have already announced that they are stopping arms exports to the country.

Mr Trump was elected in 2016 running on hard-line immigration policy and has sought to make legal and illegal immigration to the US more hard, pushing for a wall to be built on the US-Mexico border among other measures. The Arab foreign ministers also agreed to consider severing diplomatic and economic ties with Turkey, including tourism and cultural activities, and halting military cooperation with it.

The artillery firing came on the same day Trump gave his administration the authority to begin sanctioning Turkey.

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