California bans sale, manufacture of fur products from 2023

ANNA GASSOT  AFP  Getty Images California becomes first state in US requiring public universities to offer abortion pill on campus

ANNA GASSOT AFP Getty Images California becomes first state in US requiring public universities to offer abortion pill on campus

California will become the first state in the nation to mandate later start times at most public schools under legislation signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom Sunday, a proposal created to improve educational outcomes by giving students more sleep. In addition to the sale of new fur, the legislation includes a ban on the display for sale, trade, manufacture and distribution of new fur products in the state. The ban also won't apply to faux fur, which is generally made from plastics. And it excludes the sale of leather, cowhides, deer, sheep and goat skin and anything preserved through taxidermy.

"Today is a historic day for animals in California, including those who have been whipped into performing in circuses, or skinned alive for their fur or skin", PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a statement, reported by AP.

"Abortion is a protected right, and it is important that everyone - including college students - have access to that right, if they so choose", said Democratic Senator Connie Leyva, the bill's author.

"Chalk this up as a victory for a radical vegan agenda using fur as the first step,"Keith Kaplan of the Fur Information Council of America said after passage of the bill last month". "It is about the end of animal use of any kind".

Global advocates are hopeful that California's ban will pressure other countries like the United Kingdom to take similar actions.

There's a fine of up to $1,000 for multiple violations.

San Francisco became the first major USA city to ban the sale of fur previous year, a move that drove at least one retailer to leave the state.

"The signing of AB44 underscores the point that today's consumers simply don't want wild animals to suffer extreme pain and fear for the sake of fashion", Block said in a statement.

Newsom also signed another bill Saturday, banning most animals in circuses.

"We are making a statement to the world that attractive wild animals like bears and tigers have no place on trapeze wires or jumping through flames", Newsom said.

In this July 7, 2016, file photo, led by three costumed tigers, dozens of animal rights protesters with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) gather at City Hall in Los Angeles to call on the city to prohibit using tigers, lions, and other wild animals in circuses. "Just YouTube the videos showing the cruel way these animals - often stripped from their mothers as babies - are trained to do unsafe tricks". Under the law, only domesticated cats, dogs and horses will be allowed in performances in California.

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