Elizabeth Warren reveals long-awaited plan to fund Medicare for All

Warren: Medicare for All plan will not raise middle-class taxes 'one penny'

Warren: Medicare for All plan will not raise middle-class taxes 'one penny'

The details of Ms Warren's "Medicare for All" plan aim to quell criticism that the Massachusetts Democrat and presidential candidate has been vague about how she would pay for her sweeping proposal. Instead, she said, it would save American households $11 trillion in current out-of-pocket spending. "That system is Medicare for All".

"The mathematical gymnastics in this plan are all geared towards hiding a simple truth from voters: it's impossible to pay for Medicare for All without middle class tax increases", said Kate Bedingfield, deputy campaign manager and communications director for the Biden campaign. Employers would essentially convert the money they now spend on workers' healthcare into Medicare contributions, while billionaires, high-earning investors and corporations would see taxes go up. "But do recognize how much of our health care dollars has not gone into health care, how much has been pulled in different directions - that system made $23 billion in profits previous year, and that's after all of the executive salaries, all of the administrative people, all the fancy glass office buildings they built". NBC News also erroneously claimed that Warren's detailed proposal "should serve to quell critics" of her plan, when the plan actually validated many critics' concerns that it is overestimating revenue, underestimating health spending, and whether it could reach any of the proposed financial targets and goals.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore into Democrat Presidential frontrunner Elizabeth Warren's $53 Trillion Medicare for All proposal on Friday.

Warren, Sanders, Buttigeig, Biden top new Iowa poll: In that order. In contrast to a plan that promotes private sector job growth, Warren wants another gargantuan government program that will drain resources from the private sector.

The plan marked a shift from Warren's progressive rival in the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. "Serious candidates for president should speak plainly about these issues and set out their plans for cost control - especially those who are skeptical of Medicare for All". Such questions proved to be a point of weakness for the candidate in recent debates. "So for me, it's about making sure we have a set of rules so that you really get competition so that nobody gets cheated, so that everybody has an opportunity", she said during an Exchange 2020 Forum.

Yesterday Warren was asked what would become of all those people who are now employed in the health insurance industry. As the architect of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and, later, as a Senator from MA, she regularly sought compromise, worked within institutional strictures, and embraced incremental improvements to pass small-bore legislation, rather than holding out for wholesale reform. Passing the law would be hard, even if Democrats control both chambers, given the opposition from some moderate members of the party.

"Today, Elizabeth Warren showed her plans are more socialist than Bernie Sanders, '" Fleischer, who served in the Bush 43 administration, said on Twitter. However, they would pay taxes on whatever extra take-home pay they would receive in this new system.

And a whopping $2.3 trillion would come from stronger enforcement of existing tax laws - money that would have to be identified and collected before it could be used.

"My concern about the plan she's putting forward is not just the multi-trillion-dollar hole but also the fact that most Americans would prefer not to be told that they have to abandon their private plan". Senator Warren would place a new tax of almost $9 trillion that will fall on American workers.

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