Amazon's Echo Buds may soon be able to track workouts

Echo Studio is Amazon’s lower-cost answer to the Home Pod		
	Brian Heater

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Echo Studio is Amazon’s lower-cost answer to the Home Pod Brian Heater @bheater 9 hours

CNBC paired the review unit Echo Buds to an Amazon Fire HD 10 to listen to music, and while using the Alexa app on the tablet, it saw - where you would manage equaliser settings for the Echo Buds - a new Fitness section. If it is true then Amazon will also enter the fitness tracking category and it will directly compete with Fitbit, Apple Watch and other fitness trackers. And if you prefer another AI assistant, Echo Buds also support access to Google Assistant and Siri if you own an iPhone or Android device.

It's not clear how well the Echo Buds would fill in as a wellness Global Positioning System beacon. CNBC claimed it couldn't yet track workouts; however, the app specifically showed an option to track a workout, plus a fitness profile, and a Workouts heading. It was able to track the exact movement of a person.

But as it turns out, the Echo Buds might turn out to be a little different from the rest. The buds have been advertised as "exercise ready" with IPX4 water and sweat resistance, so there are speculations that Amazon may introduce Echo Buds with a Heart Rate Monitor.

But that's not all, as CNBC reported on Tuesday that hidden feature discovered within the Echo Buds software suggests that workout tracking is possibly in the works for the earbuds.

Amazon is yet to officially announce the fitness tracking features on the Echo Buds, but the new Fitness section on the Alexa app is a strong indicator of the feature becoming a reality soon.

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