Grace trial: 'Somebody with blood on their feet moved around the room'

Grace died either on or just before her 22nd birthday while backpacking in New Zealand. Source AAPMore

Grace died either on or just before her 22nd birthday while backpacking in New Zealand. Source AAPMore

Institute of Environmental Science and Research scientist Turlough Thomas-Stone told the court this afternoon the DNA was 500,000 million times more likely to belong to Ms Millane than a person selected at random in the New Zealand population.

ESR forensic toxicologist Diana Kappatos said she was unable to give an accurate finding for Millane's blood-alcohol level at the time of the death.

But Ms Kappatos said that microbial action after death may have increased or decreased the concentration of alcohol in Ms Millane's body.

Grace Millane, 22, was fatally choked during a December 2018 date with the 27-year-old man, who's on trial in New Zealand for her murder, The Independent reported.

It's the Crown's case he murdered Ms Millane in his CityLife apartment after meeting for a Tinder date in Auckland's CBD last December.

Though he confessed to her death, the man claimed she died accidentally when they engaged in rough sex, the BBC reported.

Earlier, ESR scientist Dianne Crenfeldt examined his apartment, where it's agreed Ms Millane died on the night of 1 to 2 December past year.

Crenfeldt, a Crown expert witness, said her analysis showed there was "probable blood staining" in the accused's CityLife apartment.

The smaller of the stains "could have come from a bucket", Crenfeldt said.

The court has heard no bucket was found when police searched the apartment.

But when questioned by the accused's lawyer, Ian Brookie, she said the original location and source of blood was unknown.

Millane had been dead for over a week before an autopsy was performed.

Ms Crenfeldt said there were two large "probable" blood patches at the foot of the bed, one about 70cm in diameter, but there was no blood visible on the carpet.

"It's the same with the footprints around the room which show somebody with blood on their feet moved around the room and transferred blood to these areas".

She noticed no pulling or scuffing on the top layer of the carpet but "red staining" on the underside of the carpet was found and the concrete floor also showed "probable blood staining".

Ms Crenfeldt replied: 'Everything I have seen is consistent with there being blood present and it being cleaned up'.

"I was also advised that the black sports bag, along with the bedding, had been taken to a dry cleaners where it had been cleaned".

A series of footprints and smears and footprints with probable blood results were also discovered, Crenfeldt said.

Ms Millane was shown to follow the defendant out of the lift at 9.41pm.

Ms Millane, 21, and the accused 27-year-old man who can not be named for legal reasons, were seen on CCTV footage "plainly comfortable. plainly enjoying themselves", in the words of the prosecutor Robin McCoubrey.

However, the crown alleges the accused murdered Millane and then attempted to hide his crime by burying her body, while the defence says she died while engaged in a consensual sex act, and the accused then made a number of poor decisions following her death, due to the stress of the event.

There were no drugs detected in Ms Millane's body, the court heard.

Her father David told the court in Auckland on Wednesday that the family had heard from Ms Millane "virtually every day" during her journey, until December 1 - the day before what should have been her 22nd birthday.

The trial before Justice Moore and a jury is set down for four weeks but may finish earlier.

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