Hundreds skip school in Lebanon to press for change

School students shout slogans as they repulsed by a policeman in front of education ministry

School students shout slogans as they repulsed by a policeman in front of education ministry

The warning came as anti-government demonstrators pushed on with rallies and hundreds of school children boycotted classes.

The move on Wednesday suggests a shift in the focus of protesters from blocking roads and setting up barricades to holding sit-ins at state-affiliated sites as they seek to maintain pressure on the political establishment until their demands for the departure of the ruling elite and an end to chronic economic mismanagement and corruption are met. He remains in his post in a caretaker skill whereas rival politicians haggle over the draw-up of a peculiar government.

This is contained in a statement issued by the World Bank in Beirut.

Without quick steps to address the crisis, about half of Lebanon's population could fall into poverty and unemployment could "rise sharply", the lender said. According to figures released by Lebanon's Finance Ministry in July, the country has one of the biggest public debt ratios in the world.The country's gross debt reached 85.7 billion dollars at the end of June, up by 0.7 per cent from the end of a year ago, added the ministry.

In the same context, Moodyآ's ratings agency downgraded Lebanonآ's sovereign debt to Caa2 from Caa1.

A long list of grievances have spurred exasperated Lebanese to protest, but government corruption and dire living conditions are among the key concerns.

He said 17 such cases have already been referred for investigation.

The president is expected to hold parliamentary consultations to name a new prime minister, who will form a government capable of dealing with the current economic challenges.

"What will I do with a school leaver's certificate if I don't have a country", one pupil told Lebanese television.

In a school in the resort town of Jounieh, just north of the capital, pupils mobilised against school governors accusing them of banning particpation in the protests.

Banks were open and classes resumed at most schools after a two-week gap.

Nonetheless demonstrators gathered round key narrate institutions for a 2d day in a row, in what looks to be a peculiar tactic changing avenue closures.

What Happened: The World Bank urged Lebanon on November 6 to quickly form a new government, adding that the country's economic conditions were rapidly deteriorating and that poverty could soon rise to 50 percent.

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