Insulin injected instead of flu shots, 10 hospitalised

10 people hospitalized after insulin was confused with flu shots in a care center

10 people hospitalized after insulin was confused with flu shots in a care center

Ten people at a care facility in Oklahoma were hospitalized after they were injected with insulin instead of a flu shot, police said. Emergency services were contacted immediately, and the Bartlesville Fire Department, Ambulance and Police Department responded quickly and provided exceptional support to our residents employees.

Most patients' suffering symptoms after the medication was administered "were not able to explain the issues", Warring said. All the people who were hospitalized were symptomatic, lying on the ground and needing immediate help, however, they were not able to communicate what kind of assistance would make the situation better.

It is unclear what caused insulin to be administered instead of the flu shot, but police called it an accident, according to KTUL.

"I just can't say adequate about how good of a position the fireplace division and the EMS personnel did that contains the situation, managing the condition, and doing what they essential to do to set the sufferers in the greatest attainable place for recovery", Roles instructed News 6.

The Police Chief reportedly said that he had never seen a "medical misadventure" of this magnitude. "But again, it could have been much worse. Not to downplay wherever we are, but imagining of exactly where we could be, it certainly could have been very tragic".

Oklahoma State Department of Health communications director Tony D. Sellars says his department is reviewing the facility's report on the incident.

"There is no reason to suggest at this time that the installation should have had a reasonable suspicion that this type of error would occur or be avoidable on its part".

An investigation was still underway on Thursday.

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