Justin Theroux Mentions Ex Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Theroux started his letter by saying that his dog "KUMA had a tough day ..." before telling a very sad story about puppies in need. Justin pleaded with his followers to come to rescue some of these dogs that were up for adoption, while tagging his ex-wife (and Instagram's newest sensation) Jennifer Aniston, 50, as well as his friend, Selena Gomez, 26. If there have been any pic that might prime the Instagram-breaking Pals reunion she shared when she joined the social media community, it could be a photograph of her with a canine.

KUMA had a tough day ...

We're confident that Justin and Katie don't even know each other personally, nor do they have any intention to connect anytime soon.

He continued to write in part: 'We were working at Ventura, and WE JUST BE FAIR NEXT to @vcanimalservices.

'KUMA had a feeling there might be some wonderful puppies in there SO, we went over to meet some of them. and the human SAINTS that take care of them. "We met SOME SERIOUSLY CUTE PUPS". A puppy that doesn't have a name yet ... And ... a very scared STELLA who was too scared to greet us. KUMA used to be ONLY like them ... without a home forever. She DEMANDED that we do one thing!

Though it's not the first time the former couple have demonstrated their newfound post-breakup relationship after Aniston made sure her ex followed her on Instagram.

"ALL of their adoption fees have been paid".

"He further tagged Jen in the caption urging her to take action: "(yep, now that you're on here, your gonna get this a lot too)". So if you are in the Ventura area ...

Jennifer truly "appreciated" Justin's message, so will she go residence with ZUMO, SHOTTI, and even NO NAME? WE JUST BE JUST NEXT to @vcanimalservices. KUMA felt that there were some great puppies in it. "SO, we went over to meet some of them..." AND... a very scared STELLA that was too scared to even say hi to us.

Justin explained in the lengthy post that Kuma used to be like the puppies in the pound, so he appealed to his celebrity friends to help him rescue the fur babies.

" SO! She demanded that we do something!" Now ALL they need is an fantastic Human who's committed to taking care of them.

Certainly, Jennifer sent back some of the love and ticked double mail. Is she planning to adopt one of the pups?

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