'The Mighty Ducks' Reboot Series In Development For Disney Plus

"The Mighty Ducks" Reboot Series Coming To Disney+

Discussing Film reports that the series will come under the Disney+ streaming service and filming will get underway in February next year.

Discussing Film is now reporting that the concept will be reignited for a new TV series, which will be broadcast on the Disney+ platform. And the future of Star Wars will lie within Disney Plus.

Disney Plus will launch in a few weeks.

In what is both an outrageous slight against a great many childhoods and one of the most obvious inevitabilities in recent memory, the forthcoming streaming monolith Disney+ is reportedly pushing forward with a series reboot of the hugely beloved - if not strategically shoddy - Mighty Ducks film series. The project was announced previous year from ABC Signature Studios.

The original Mighty Ducks film franchise began in 1992, with the first film starring Emilio Estevez as an attorney who, as part of community service, ends up coaching a hockey team that are consistently at the bottom of the league. The executive producers will be Steven Brill, Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa, George Heller and Brad Petrigala. The movie had a sequel - "D2: The Mighty Ducks" - in 1994. It also spawned two sequel films and an animated series that ran from 1996-1997. That featured anthropomorphic alien ducks, who not only played hockey but fought supervillains.

We all know that ducks fly together and given the nostalgic appeal of the '90s cult classic, you don't need a sage talk from Gordon Bombay to know that Hollywood was always going to go back for another round of hockey.

The Mighty Ducks reboot has not been given a release date yet. Leave your thoughts and comments below, or on our social medias.

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