YouTube homepage redesign brings useful features to desktop and tablets

YouTube add to queue short-cut coming to desktop

YouTube add to queue short-cut coming to desktop

The updated homepage apparently sports a cleaner design and makes more space for videos and their titles.

Since August, YouTube has been A/B testing a new design for its homepage for desktops - which will, of course, also roll over to tablet apps - and the company has finally decided to make it official today. For example, the makeover of the Google News in Search spread out news articles into cards, instead of more compressed groupings of headlines. You also get to see the icon for the channel it's from, for that quick visual feedback to help you identify if the video is worth your time or not.

The same now goes for YouTube.

The revamped homepage affords greater importance to video thumbnails, which are now larger and can also show longer titles as a result.

These changes will impact the homepage's layout, to some extent. That means if you want to save videos for viewing across devices, you'll still want to use the "Watch Later" button as before.

Another new feature is one that's making the jump from mobile to desktop. YouTube's "Don't recommend channel" feature is now available on desktop. This feature is available on suggested videos and users can access it by selecting the three dotted menu. The updated YouTube design is rolling out to all starting today. In addition, desktop users are now seeing a new "Add to queue" option that enables them to directly add a video to their playlist. The company has also teased users with some details on a future update, namely bringing another feature from Android to desktop and tablets. This means shifting from five videos per row to four.

To what extent YouTube is culpable is being heavily debated. In fact, YouTube users who are seeing the change are already unhappy about it. YouTube also said it will introduce topics selection for desktop and tablets soon.

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