Google is Now Open Sourcing Cardboard

After killing off Daydream, Google is open-sourcing Cardboard VR

After killing off Daydream, Google is open-sourcing Cardboard VR

Opening the code could help to build out a developer network.

We're releasing libraries for developers to build their Cardboard apps for iOS and Android and render VR experiences on Cardboard viewers.

Today, we're releasing the Cardboard open source project to let the developer community continue to build Cardboard experiences and add support to their apps for an ever increasing diversity of smartphone screen resolutions and configurations. Google admitted its Daydream VR program didn't catch on and for that reason determined to close it entirely.

The Cardboard headset was an economical way for everyone to practical experience the VR environment.

Owlchemy will go on constructing VR written content for many platforms, the enterprise mentioned. Affordable viewers flooded the market and the initial reaction was positive - Google moved more than 15 million units worldwide - but once the novelty of it wore off, interest waned and manufacturers have reacted accordingly.

Over time, phone companies have also dialed back their VR efforts and concentrated more on providing solid AR experiences through Google's ARCore and Apple's ARKit. If the open source Cardboard becomes successful, it will hopefully encourage Google to also open source Daydream to at least keep mobile VR from going extinct. Google launched the Cardboard headsets 5 years ago with some giveaways.

"Contributions from us" can mean anything from "free Pixels for all developers" to 'kind words and encouragement.' Here, it seems to be somewhere in between, with Google's first pledge being an SDK package for Unity.

The open source project will provide APIs for head tracking, lens distortion rendering and input handling. Cardboard is generally viewed as one of the most moderate approaches to try different things with VR, and Google said regardless it has "consistent" utilizes in stimulation and schools.

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