Instagram to test hiding 'like' counts on some USA accounts

CEO Adam Mosseri says the platform will start hiding

CEO Adam Mosseri says the platform will start hiding"Like counts in some US accounts starting next week Wired reports

He didn't say how many US users will be part of the experiment.

This announcement came through Instagram head Adam Mosseri while talking at the WIRED25 conference.

Say goodbye to your Instagram likes.

"We will make decisions that hurt the business if they're good for people's well-being and health, because it has to be good for the business over the long run", Mosseri said.

Instagram's follower counts and likes have made it one of the top places online to compare one's popularity with others, especially among teens and young adults.

Instagram influencers impacted by these experiments have told Business Insider that they are starting to feel the effects of this change on their brands because they found their posts getting much less reach than before. He added that Instagram doesn't have any scientific proof that hiding likes will improve mental health.

The company is testing whether lessening the competition for approval - and the incentive for extreme, click-baity posts - will make for healthier, happier users.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been at the center of debate around issues like smartphone addiction and online health in recent years.

Instagram's parent company Facebook is also reportedly testing this out for users in Australia . Apple Inc. built a similar "time spent" feature into its iPhone software, and Google offers tools like this for Android phones. There were concerns, though, that hiding likes could lead to a drop in the number of people who comment or engage with a post.

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