Mr. Movie: ‘Last Christmas’ has laughs, love and a special twist

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas

She sees people today mocking the ending of Very last Christmas and Received heads demanding a Mulligan as part of the exact same menace. Check out my review below.

Last Christmas centers on Kate (Clarke) a young woman who is struggling to escape her own self-destructive behavior, which includes heavy amounts of drinking, pushing her friends away, and the inability to accept the truth of her situation. Kate is an aspiring singer/actress who is now employed as the elf/sales clerk at a year-round Christmas decorations shop, run by a woman who calls herself Santa (Michelle Yeoh).

Kate is a relentless cynic who is clearly ungrateful to any generous host that is willing to give her a room to stay in. Clarke shines here as Katarina, a refugee of the former Yugoslavia now living in London, whose dreams of being a singer have been squandered as she's dragged herself into adulthood.

That conversation sowed the germ of a winning idea: to make a film inspired by "Last Christmas", so in Spring 2013, Emma Thompson visited George Michael at his London home who gave her his blessing. Her mom (Thompson) frets about Kate's health and tends to say the wrong thing, Kate's sister Marta (Lydia Leonard) is brimming with sibling resentment, and Dad (Boris Isakovic) spends so much time as a cab driver that he nearly never sees anybody.

The touching scene sees the protagonist breaking down as she finally pauses to comprehend what she's been through and how her approach to life has been impacted.

Christmas cheer and good wishes are also in abundance thanks to Golding's Tom, who helps Clarke's character see the good in people and life in general. Editors really need to learn where to be selective and clever, and not ruin the experience for audiences before they've even sat down in the cinema. And really, isn't that what Christmas about?

However, Tom is a little bit unreliable. According to him, he left his phone in the kitchen cabinet and is often on his bike to make deliveries.

The film doesn't hide the fact that it will be a holiday rom-com that utilizes a number of George Michael's greatest hits, along with a few unreleased songs. "The kind of bad that you get when you aim for that Richard Curtis sweet-spot à la Love Actually and actually land, face-first, into a pile of garbage just like your lead character", David Fear wrote.

LAST CHRISTMAS winds up being simply okay.

Unfortunately, the film is pretty predictable, and it will be hard to get out of that mindset given how some of these characters interact with each other. It even gets to the point where you just want the reveal to happen, and it may take too long getting there.

There's a big plot twist that, judging from public reaction, many people have guessed from the trailer.

It's not really a secret anymore that there's a twist in the movie Last Christmas, though hopefully you haven't heard what it is yet. The more time the pair spend together, the more Kate's life begins to change for the better.

While the casting was praised for its diversity, critics felt that Clarke and Golding lacked chemistry, with Empire describing the pairing as "damp". Yet, Santa swoons for her own mysterious stranger as readily as Kate does for Tom. It may have some unexpected fantasy elements, but it doesn't take place in a fantasy world. Last Christmas needs more than its fair share; there's a lot of fancy wrapping here, with sparkling ribbons and bows.

The Game of Thrones actress stars in seasonal romantic comedy Last Christmas alongside Crazy Rich Asians star, Henry Golding.

A light touch is what's needed for a rollercoaster script this hammy and Golding has it (once he, along with the rest of the movie, has spent the first 15 minutes warming up).

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