Pompeo Slams Iran For Detaining UN Inspector At Nuclear Site

The design week was the perfect place for those who express themselves through what they wear

The design week was the perfect place for those who express themselves through what they wear

He also stressed the need to call on Iran to fully cooperate without delay with the IAEA in providing the information required, and to respect the immunities and privileges of IAEA inspectors, in addition to providing the appropriate conditions for them to do their work properly.

He also expressed the Kingdom's happiness at the arrival of the detained inspector in Iran to the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, noting that the complacency in taking deterrent measures and actions against Iran for its actions against persons enjoying privileges and immunities being guaranteed to them by worldwide treaties inside the Iranian territory, will encourage its regime to repeat them in the future, especially in light of its record of such violations and lack of respect for global conventions and norms.

He added that Iran was exercising its "rights" under its agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency when it revoked "her entrance and accreditation".

Pompeo called the incident "an outrageous and unwarranted act of intimidation".

Wolcott's comments also suggested the IAEA would discuss a warehouse near Tehran where Israel alleges it stole a secret "atomic archive" a year ago.

"By gradually disengaging from certain clauses of the 2015 agreement, Iran is seeking to get the USA to ease sanctions, and then, perhaps, Tehran will say it is ready to discuss again", explained FRANCE 24's worldwide affairs expert Bruno Daroux.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have been rising since Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal a year ago despite IAEA assurances that Iran was in compliance with the terms of the multilateral agreement.

"This is an important decision, the Iranian authorities are taking a new step forward, because with the Fordo site, which has more than 1,000 centrifuges, Iran has just significantly increased its uranium enrichment capacity", said Siavosh Ghazi, an Iran correspondent at FRANCE 24's sister radio station, RFI.

A U.S. official said there were also signs of "activities consistent with sanitisation" by Iran there.

State TV carried Kamalvandi's remarks from the Fordo nuclear site where Iran Thursday injected uranium gas into centrifuges aimed at producing low-enriched uranium as fuel for nuclear power plants. Weapons-grade uranium needs to be enriched to 90% or more.

The US left the agreement in 2018 and reimposed sanctions, leaving remaining world powers - Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation - trying to save the agreement and mitigate the sanctions.

Iran acknowledged Fordo's existence in 2009 amid a major pressure campaign by Western powers over Tehran's nuclear program.

Pompeo's statement made no reference to Trump's decision to leave the deal in May 2018, which sparked the crisis.

Pompeo did not elaborate on what those serious steps should be. The US earlier this week imposed sanctions on members of the inner circle of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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