Olivia Colman 'can't remember' winning the Oscar

Olivia Colman: Why I don’t remember Oscar night

Olivia Colman: Why I don’t remember Oscar night

Olivia Colman admits she got too drunk at this year's Oscars, so she actually can't remember winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in "The Favourite". "The great thing about the Oscars is there is a bar just behind (the auditorium) so everyone is there... nearly everybody is in the bar getting bladdered!" "There are hundreds of seat fillers so nearly everybody is in the bar getting bladdered!"

We would be doing the same thing if we had to take a seat in the same seat for hours paying consideration to folks squawk winners.

She told hold Graham Norton when he quizzed her about meeting any royals: "Yes, but it didn't go very well".

Leading character Olivia will play the steely and constrained monarch as she faces her darkest time on the throne yet as she battles the miners' strike, national security, sibling rivalry and family conflict ahead of her 1977 Silver Jubilee.

Back in October, the actress openly admitted that her husband stole a roll of tissue paper from the same reception.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton show airing on Friday night, Olivia Colman-Who plays Queen Elizabeth II in the next season of The crown-revealed that Prince WilliamHe didn't have much to say in terms of praise for his opulent performance.

The Peep Expose actress recalled: 'It didn't bound very successfully.

Conveying that she experienced spoken with Prince William at a reception at Buckingham Palace, Colman mentioned, in accordance to Persons, "He questioned what I was doing at the second ahead of he speedily included, 'Actually, I know what you are doing'". His reply became once a firm, "No". As she clarified, "He was quite charming and incredibly wonderful".

She previously told how she met the Duke Of Cambridge at a dinner and the royal told her he did not watch the period drama.

Aloof, absolutely they neglected an opportunity no longer having the exact Queen Elizabeth give her the award? The new season will debut on November 17.

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