Megan James' Forecast | A wicked cold front brings winter weather

Air from Siberia to send temperatures plunging from Texas to New England

Air from Siberia to send temperatures plunging from Texas to New England

For example, the Tuesday expected high of 23 degrees at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport would be a full 5 degrees lower than the record-low set in 1995, he said.

Freezing-cold temperatures over the next few days could break records in the Triangle, weather forecasters say.

Veterans Day will be partly sunny with a high of 56 and a low at night of 36.

It looks like Boston has a chance at breaking the record for the coldest high in the afternoon. We can even see some light drizzle with a possible snowflake or two mixed in. Precipitation will end by Tuesday evening. Stay tuned for updates on any alerts as these can and most likely will be changing and expanding to more of our West Michigan communities.

The front will bring January-like temperatures to some locations that are expected to be as much as 30F (17C) colder than normal for the time of year.

There is a chance of snow in the Springfield area Tuesday after rain falls around 3 p.m. Temperatures in the Springfield area will reach around 15 degrees Tuesday night with the temperature dropping slightly toward the Berkshires. Lake effect snow will continue in the far north. Once we factor in the winds as well we can have feel like temperatures in the single digits both Tuesday and Wednesday. St. Louis metro will see snow by roughly 10 AM to noon. Highs in the upper teens to around 20s.

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