Popeyes Employee Made Chicken Sandwiches on Trash Bin, Owner Apologizes

Popeyes Employees Seen Making Chicken Sandwiches on Trash Bin

Popeyes Employees Seen Making Chicken Sandwiches on Trash Bin

Argument reportedly began after someone cut the special line for the popular chicken sandwich at a Popeyes restaurant in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The latest instance of lunacy surrounding the fried delicacy is a New York City man finding a half-smoked joint in his sandwich.

Merdinger ate the spicy sandwich with no hiccups.

On November four, Jeremy Merdinger picked up two sandwiches - a normal and a spicy one particular - from Popeyes' West 14th Road area.

Merdinger told the New York Post unusual things being found in food is something he's seen on social media.

Cars lined up in loops around Popeyes restaurants last August when the fast-food chicken joint rolled out its first-ever sandwich.

"I was taking my last couple of bites from the second sandwich when it fell out and into my lap", he said. It was 100 percent marijuana. "It's in a plastic bag at home".

Merdinger had photographic evidence, sharing a picture of the doobie alongside the sandwich on social media. When he eventually got a response from Popeyes, they took no accountability and merely said they would conduct an investigation. But, it's being done on top of a tray that's conveniently resting on top of a large trash bin ... and the setup was in customers' line of sight.

So for Episode 37 of "94 Seconds With Nicole" to make sense, you have to take a look back at Episode 30: The Chicken Sandwich Debate. I would like for them to individual up to it.

Moving forward, a rep for the restaurant told the Post they are still investigating the man's claims. "We have high standards for the quality of our ingredients and the preparation of our food".

A spokesperson for Popeyes made the following statement to The Post. "We choose all feedback about our meals significantly and immediately acquire motion to make guaranteed all of our visitors have a excellent expertise".

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