WWII submarine lost 75 years ago located off coast of Japan

WWII submarine lost 75 years ago located off coast of Japan

WWII submarine lost 75 years ago located off coast of Japan

The sub, which sank more than a dozen Japanese ships and rescued a group of downed American airmen, left Pearl Harbour on January 28, 1944 for its 10th combat mission and never returned.

A World War II submarine that was sunk with 80 sailors on board and has been missing for three-quarters of a century was found, according to an organization dedicated to finding dozens of lost war subs.

A determined American explorer has discovered a submarine lost for 75 years-and the final resting place of 80 American servicemen.

Armed with the new information, undersea explorer Tim Taylor and his team set out an expedition to find it.

The vessel was ranked 20th of all USA submarines in total tonnage sunk with 63,835 tons and 24th in number of ships sunk with 14, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command.

Part of the reason the submarine was lost for so many years, officials say, was because Japanese records on the sinking were not translated correctly. Grayback received two Navy Unit Commendations honoring her seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth war patrols, in addition to eight battle stars for her World War II service. The new data, along with newly discovered and translated Japanese mission logs, enabled the team to refocus their search on the area southwest of Okinawa.

The discover reportedly comes after novice researcher Yutaka Iwasaki, a methods engineer in Kobe, Japan, found a flaw within the translation of Japanese navy paperwork.

With the help of autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles and advanced imaging technology, the team discovered the Grayback about 100 miles from the area where it was originally thought to have gone down.

"It was awesome, the team had resigned to the fact that we're headed back to port and would not complete the total search area this year. The next thing we see in the last quarter of the last line of data is the USS Grayback roll across the monitor", said Taylor.

The united states Grayback is the fifth sub found by the Lost 52 Project.

"The discovery brings closure to the questions that surrounded the Grayback as far as its sinking and location", Hurney said in a statement to CNN.

"It's vital that we remember [the sailors], and that they feel that they haven't been forgotten", Dennison said.

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