Will.i.am blasts flight attendant as 'racist'

London to Sydney flight 19 hour Qantas non-stop flight non stop new york to sydney flight

London to Sydney flight 19 hour Qantas non-stop flight non stop new york to sydney flight

"I'm now on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney".

He wrote: "I'm now on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney".

Speaking out about the alleged incident, which occurred on a Qantas flight, the musician claimed in a series of Tweets that he had been targeted by an "overly aggressive" attendant, before posting a photo that appeared to show a police officer waiting for him upon landing. "But she has clearly aimed all her frustrations only at the people of colour (sic)".

He claims the flight attendant unloaded on him and someone on the flight - presumably the pilot - called ahead for cops to meet the plane when it landed.

The hip hop star's angry tweet. Head to his Twitter page to check out the rest of his responses. I'm sorry I couldn't hear the P.A...

The issue reportedly started when the musician couldn't hear announcements over the PA system because he was wearing noise-canceling headphones. He added: "Thank God the other passengers testified that SHE was out of Control". I wasn't out of hand.

Will.i.am, who is visiting Australia as part of the RNB Fridays Live festival with his band Black Eyed Peas, also complained about having the federal police greet him at the terminal after being "polite" and respectful to crew members during his ordeal.

"There was a misunderstanding on board, which seems to have been exacerbated by will.i.am wearing noise-cancelling headphones and not being able to hear instructions from crew", the airline said in a statement. Is calling the police on a passenger for not hearing the P.A due to wearing noise canceling headphones appropriate? I did comply quickly & politely, only to be greeted by police.

Later, he followed up the first tweet with a second featuring a picture of a policeman and named the attendant, labelling her racist. I think I was targeted'.

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The 44-year-old United States rapper is on tour in Australia and was heading to Sydney from Brisbane on a Qantas flight.

He then described how he was met by five police officers when the flight landed and felt "intimidated".

Qantas, Australia's national airline, said it "completely rejected" the allegation that the incident had anything to do with race.

He asked fans to stop attacking the woman in question, as he posted: "This type of disrespect and name calling is uncalled for - I don't support abuse and attacks like this, ' he wrote at about 5pm". No further action was required as a result. "The AFP considers this matter finalised", authorities told the outlet.

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