Twist in Patrick Frazee trial ahead of closing arguments

Chief Miles De Young speaks during a press conference at the Florissant Grange to update Kelsey Berreths disappearance case Dec. 14 2018

Chief Miles De Young speaks during a press conference at the Florissant Grange to update Kelsey Berreths disappearance case Dec. 14 2018

"Your actions were vicious, senseless, without reason or explanation", Sells told him. Now her fiance is facing murder charges.

Berreth, 29, was last seen November 22, 2018 when a security camera captured her entering a grocery store in the mountain town of Woodland Park, about 90 miles southwest of Denver, where she lived with her and Frazee's then 1-year-old daughter, Kaylee.

He was found guilty on a total of six counts: two counts of first-degree murder, one count of tampering with a body, and three counts of solicitation to commit murder, as KDVR reported. Investigators said there was no evidence of any abuse.

She testified that Frazee asked her to come to Colorado to clean up the scene of the killing and that she watched him burn a plastic tote she believed contained Berreth's body. She also suggested several possible motives Frazee may have had for killing Berreth, including not wanting to pay child support and wanting full custody of the couple's young daughter.

With little physical evidence, prosecutors relied heavily on the testimony of a former Idaho nurse who had an on-and-off relationship with Frazee.

"He took a bat into Kelsey's apartment and he beat her, and he beat her and he beat her and he beat her ... and left a blood bath for someone else to clean up", May said.

Berreth was last seen at a supermarket with her daughter on Thanksgiving Day.

In Lee's telling, it was at least the fourth time Frazee had sought to implicate her in violence toward Berreth. Before the Thanksgiving call, Frazee had thrice asked Lee to kill Berreth, the AP reported. Once, Frazee instructed Lee to slip a poisonous cocktail into Berreth's coffee, Lee said. On two other occasions, Frazee gave Lee a metal rod and a baseball bat to bludgeon Berreth.

"While Kelsey (was) planning a future ... the defendant ... this man", she said, pointing to Frazee, "(was) planning to kill her for months".

Lee struck a deal with prosecutors, and in exchange for helping them make their case, she agreed to plead guilty to tampering with evidence. In his remarks at trial's end, May acknowledged that he wasn't happy with the bargain, but said it was crucial to the trial.

Frazee declined to testify, and his lawyers didn't call any witnesses of their own.

Frazee's defense has also highlighted the lack of a body, motive and murder weapon during the trial.

Defense attorney Adam Steigerwald tried to poke holes in the prosecution's case and Kenney's testimony. "And that is what has happened in this case".

Before the judge handed down the sentence, Berreth's uncle, Scott Morin, read a series of letters from family and friends, who described her as a quiet, kind and caring person.

Berreth, 29, was the mother of Frazee's toddler daughter.

At the post-trial news conference, reporters asked Gregg Slater, an agent at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, if his agency would continue its search for Berreth's remains. "We all wish Kelsey would walk through that door right now".

Another reporter asked Slater if he thinks he'll ever find her.

"I don't know", he replied, "I hope so".

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