Donald Trump: ‘Republicans Are Killing It’ in Impeachment Hearings

US Senate majority leader says “it’s inconceivable” will have votes to remove Trump from office

US Senate majority leader says “it’s inconceivable” will have votes to remove Trump from office

Sixty-five percent of Americans have said they don't think they are likely to change their minds about the impeachment against President Donald Trump as the Democrats-controlled House inquiry moved into the second week of public hearings, according to a new poll released on Tuesday.

A woman seated behind Lt. Col Alexander Vindman as he testified during Tuesday's impeachment hearings against Donald Trump at the House Intelligence Committee unwittingly caused a viral moment when she was caught on camera tilting her head back and chugging a large cup of coffee.

Nine more officials were scheduled to testify publicly this week before the House Intelligence Committee over the impeachment inquiry. The White House called the impeachment process a sham.

Trump commented that Vindman insisted during the hearing that he be addressed by Republicans by his military rank and questioned why Vindman was suddenly wearing his military uniform at the impeachment hearings when he wears civilian clothes at the White House.

The poll also found that those who reported they are following the hearings closely are almost twice as likely to say that the president requested an investigation from the Ukrainians, 61 percent to 34 percent. Mr. Sondland said there was a push for a "quid pro quo" that conditioned a White House meeting on a public announcement of the investigations.

Vindman said the rough transcript of the call was segregated to a small group to prevent leaks.

He denied knowing any of the bureaucrats testifying, including Kent, Vindman, and Acting United States Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor. "I thought that the references to specific individuals and investigations such as former Vice President Biden and his son struck me as political in nature given that former Vice President is a political opponent of the president", Williams said. Williams said the phone call was unusual and inappropriate. Sondland a possible statement that could be made by the Ukrainian President, I did not know of any linkage between the hold on security assistance and Ukraine pursuing investigations.

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