Microsoft granted license to export 'mass market' software to Huawei

Huawexit means Huawexit! Uncle Sam gets 300 applications to dodge ban on supplying Chinese comms beast

Huawexit means Huawexit! Uncle Sam gets 300 applications to dodge ban on supplying Chinese comms beast

The US Department of Commerce has granted Microsoft a license to export mass-market software to Huawei on 20 November.

"Huawei to continue to pose a serious threat to US telecommunications infrastructure and national security more broadly", they said, saying more clarity around the approval process should be provided. "National security experts widely agree that Chinese companies cooperate heavily with the Chinese Communist Party, and the Chinese government is thought to exercise considerable influence over Huawei, in particular".

"These applications were approved through an interagency license review process which is composed of officials from the Department of Commerce, along with the Department of Defense, State Department, and Department of Energy", a Commerce spokesperson said in an emailed statement Friday.

In case you've forgotten, Huawei got caught up by the U.S. back in May this year being accused of working closely with the Chinese government for "spying".

Huawei was banned by the United States from using products developed by American companies back in May, and the sanctions concerned both software and hardware.

Huawei has always denied the accusations and says its products pose no danger to foreign customers. In October, they asked USA intelligence officials to determine whether the Chinese-owned social-networking app TikTok poses national security risks. According to Reuters, the Commerce Department has begun granting licenses to multiple companies to sell goods to Huawei. They also asked that congressional leadership be notified before issuing "any licenses to USA firms to sell components to Huawei and its affiliates". That likely includes chips and other parts used in Huawei cellphones or laptops.

Huawei has been granted another reprieve by the U.S. Department of Commerce which allowed Microsoft to continue to sell its operating system and other software to the Chinese company. Google declined to comment on Thursday. Others have questioned the real motivations for the move, suggesting it is part of the trade war between U.S. and China. Trade talks with China appear to be languishing, with the president on Wednesday accusing Beijing of foot-dragging.

"These are not extensions that make life easy for them, these are general license extensions that gave them very limited ability to service agreements that were in place before May when we put them on the list", he said.

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