Victims of London Bridge terrorist attack named

Sadiq Khan After Terror Attack ‘Our Strength Is Our Diversity’		389 Peter Summers  Getty Images Jack Montgomery1 Dec 2019

Sadiq Khan After Terror Attack ‘Our Strength Is Our Diversity’ 389 Peter Summers Getty Images Jack Montgomery1 Dec 2019

It will pay tribute to those who were injured, the emergency services and members of the public who responded.

Mr. Khan, 28, was among eight people convicted in February 2012 of plotting several terrorist attacks including bombing the London Stock Exchange.

Merritt, a course coordinator at Cambridge University's criminology institute, and Jones, a volunteer, died as they helped host an event near London Bridge to mark five years of a prisoner rehabilitation initiative.

In a statement provided to police, Jones' family said she was a "funny, kind, positive influence" who was "at the centre of many people's lives".

The 28-year-old Khan had been arrested previously with other co-conspirators who had been plotting terrorist attacks on high-profile London targets including the stock exchange and USA embassy.

Vice Chancellor Stephen Toope said in a statement on Sunday that the woman, who hasn´t been named by police yet, had been part of the Learning Together programme that was taking place when the attack was carried out on Friday afternoon. "She was intent on living life to the full and had a wonderful thirst for knowledge, enabling her to be the best she could be".

Jones' family described her as having "a great passion for providing invaluable support to victims of criminal injustice, which led her to the point of recently applying for the police graduate recruitment program".

'Hero' bystanders took down the London Bridge attacker. He had been released from prison 11 months earlier after serving less than half of a 16-year sentence for a terrorism conviction.

"We know Jack would not want this awful, isolated incident to be used as a pretext by the government for introducing even more draconian sentences on prisoners, or for detaining people in prison for longer than necessary", the statement read.

But Merritt's family sounded a cautionary note in reaction, saying their son "believed in redemption and rehabilitation, not revenge" and that "he always took the side of the underdog".

The attack brought a somber tone to a rancorous election campaign, which is presenting voters with a stark choice between Labour, with its promise to raise taxes on the rich and businesses to fund a much expanded state, and the Conservatives' pledge to "get Brexit done" and move on to other issues.

Jones's family also highlighted her dedication to criminal justice.

Jones was a graduate of the University of Cambridge. A member of the Institute's staff is also believed to be among the injured.

Regardless of Khan carrying what gave the impression to be an explosive vest that was later made a decision to be pretend, a pair of bystanders helped subdue him with a fireplace extinguisher and a narwhal tusk pulled from the wall of Fishmongers' Corridor.

"Who do you trust to keep you safe?" it asks.

Two people remained in hospital in a stable condition on Sunday, while a third left hospital.

The attack, the group said, was in response to its calls to target countries that had been part of a coalition fighting the jihadist group, according to its Amaq news agency.

After a one-day pause out of respect for victims, Friday's attack is dominating the political scene as the December 12 election nears, shifting the focus, at least for the moment, from Brexit and the National Health Service to issues of security and criminal justice.

"They are being properly invigilated to make sure there is no threat", Mr Johnson told the BBC.

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