Vigils held for London Bridge attack victims

The incident comes two years after Islamist extremists in a van ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge before attacking people at random with knives

The incident comes two years after Islamist extremists in a van ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge before attacking people at random with knives

Friday's attack has become a political issue ahead of the December 12 election.

Boris Johnson said he would take steps to ensure people are not released early when they commit serious offences. He said it was "repulsive that individuals as risky as this man" could be freed.

Labour says cuts to policing and social services under a decade of Conservative leadership have made it harder to fight militancy, to track former prisoners and to reintegrate them.

On Monday morning, a vigil will be held for the victims of Friday's terror attack and the emergency services and members of the public who tackled Khan before he was shot dead by police.

Merritt, 25, was an advocate for prison reform, while Jones, 23, worked with inmates as a volunteer and was applying to be a police officer.

Invited to a prisoner rehabilitation conference at the Fishmongers' Hall, Khan threatened to detonate what we now know was a fake explosive device, before stabbing five people.

Police, who on Saturday searched two properties in central England believed to be linked to Khan, have said they believe he was acting alone and are not seeking anybody else.

The memorial event in the City of London financial district, a short distance from the scene of the attack, involved members of the emergency services and the public.

Three others, who have not been named, were wounded in the attack.

The attack raises hard questions for Britain's government and security services.

Khan was living in Strafford after being released from prison in December 2018.

He was part of an eight-man network inspired by Al-Qaeda who had plotted to bomb targets including the London Stock Exchange, and planned to take part in "terrorist training" in Pakistan.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper added that the government had been warned that when it scrapped indeterminate sentences in 2012 there would be a lack of resources for probation, monitoring and rehabilitation. He appealed, and the sentence was fixed at 16 years. He had been released on licence, or parole, in December past year and was reportedly being monitored via an electronic tag. However he dodged questions about why the Conservatives, who been in power since 2010, failed to change the law.

"The solutions to this are complex", he said.

"Everybody, right-minded people, want to see people like Usman Khan locked up and kept away from broader society, but to do that you have got to have the prison places, you have got to have the capacity to make the right decisions". The Daily Telegraph reported Monday that he was featured as a success story on Learning Together's website. The site appears to have been removed since the attack.

Johnson said the case showed that some criminals are beyond rehabilitation. And that didn't happen", he said.Johnathan Robinson, an ex-prisoner and independent prison reform campaigner, said that the problem was so widespread it goes beyond one single event, however tragic."We still have the worst prison system in the European Union, whether you look at the amount of re-offending or the cost of re-offending which has now gone up", he said.Andrew Neilson, campaigns director at the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: "Prisons in England and Wales are overcrowded and face record levels of violence and human misery.

"This disaster is one that was created in the Treasury", Acheson told the BBC. They said he "would not want this awful, isolated incident to be used as a pretext by the government for introducing even more draconian sentences on prisoners, or for detaining people in prison for longer than necessary".

Following the attack, authorities are urgently reviewing the release of 74 other people who had been jailed for terrorism and released in similar circumstances to Khan.

The remembrance service at Guildhall Yard comes as West Midlands Police said a 34-year-old man arrested in Stoke-on-Trent on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts has been recalled to prison due to a suspected breach of his licence conditions.

The ministry of justice stated that they will be reviewing the license conditions of every convicted terrorist released from prison. Two other injured people remain in hospital and another one has been released.

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