Liam Payne Shoved By Bar Bouncer | The JV Show

In the video - which has been obtained by TMZ - Liam is seen yelling at the bouncers because they wouldn't let his girlfriend Maya Henry (who is under 21) into the bar.

The former One Direction singer was out with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Maya Henry, at a San Antonio bar, the Silver Fox, where the incident was recorded. The 26-year-old singer was captured on camera yelling at a bouncer, at a pub named Silver Fox.

According to Us Weekly, Liam and Maya were originally allowed to enter the bar, but after they briefly stepped outside the bouncers stopped Maya from re-entering. At one point, you can also hear him say, "Don't f***ing push me again". Maya's age, 19, turned out to be an issue as the bar authorities refused to let them in. "I swear to God I'll lay your a*s out!" When they returned later in the night, the bar's bouncers didn't take too kindly to them trying to get back in, and held them up at the entrance. Payne allegedly tried forcing himself back into the venue, and that's when things became psychical with him getting knocked to the ground, TMZ reported.

"Three of your bouncers just jump me for no reason whilst I was grabbing my ID", Payne wrote in a since-deleted Instagram story.

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