Adam Sandler remembers getting fired from 'SNL' with Chris Farley

Adam Sandler remembers getting fired from 'SNL' with Chris Farley

Adam Sandler remembers getting fired from 'SNL' with Chris Farley

All people raving over Adam Sandler's performance in "Uncut Gems" & the actor spoke to HL on the Gotham Awards about his thrilling new movie! Before he was the star of the big blockbusters, he had a major obstacle to overcome, namely the fact that he was released as a performer by SNL.

Adam hasn't been shy about sharing his side of the events over the years, and even hilariously discussed it in his SNL monologue when he hosted the show in May.

He continued, "It's good when you're a little older to be around some of these young guys who are so God damn excited about everything and so smart and I can't wait to do it again with them". "Although he now has the retrospective of being grateful, he realizes it was a big problem when it happened".

"On the time, I used to be damage as a result of I did not know what else I used to be going to do", the "Grown Ups" star stated. "At the time, it wasn't Lorne [Michael's] decision".

"I was probably sad to cover up the sadness, to be angry and say", f-k you".

Josh added that everyone was "having a great time" with it and getting the chance to watch Adam tell jokes was quite the experience.

Sandler and Farley were members of a cast that included Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and more. "They don't want me either.' We were both like, 'F-k this s-t.' We both got mad together and pretended we weren't sad and pretended this was for the best". The fun began at the IFP Gotham Awards, when some of the biggest stars in films from 2019 walked the red carpet and celebrated each other's cinematic successes.

Turns out for Adam, it was for the best. "The NBC head dude, I know he didn't like our gang". He forgave, but that does not mean he forgot. "My manager, Sandy, he was talking to me and I said "yeah, next year on the show, blah, blah, blah" and he's like, 'Maybe you don't go back next year, ' and I was like, 'I don't know man, I still got a few more things.' He's like 'Yeah, but you did it already'".

"I thought", Yes, I'll think about it.

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