Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers

Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers

Deliveroo advert banned for misleading customers

A spokesman from the ASA said it is "unusual" to receive such a high volume of complaints about an advert being misleading, as most are made over offence.

The most-complained about advert of 2019 so far is by GoCompare, which shows a male opera singer being hit by a auto.

Having garnered 300 complaints, it has only been pipped to the post by a poster for Cheltenham Fireworks that featured a picture of a dog wearing ear defenders which prompted 317 complaints that it made light of the distress caused to some animals by fireworks.

Created its global creative agency McCann, the TV spot sees a woman welcoming Deliveroo delivery at her front door, before handing out meals from various different takeaway joints.

The advert, which first aired in September 2019, showed a woman receiving an order, before diving into a single bag and distributing meals from various restaurants.

Deliveroo said the advert clearly stated on screen that "separate orders must be made for each restaurant" and had offered to make this clearer. The advertiser withdrew the poster, and the ASA took no further action. They felt that was reinforced when the woman was able to dive into the bag.

Although nothing glaringly obvious, anyone who has ever ordered from Deliveroo before would spot one simple issue - you can't order from various different restaurants in one order.

But complainants said the advert did not specify that each restaurant would need a separate order and incur a delivery fee, with each meal then delivered separately. Deliveroo said the advert was about emphasising "choice".

The company said this modified into illustrated by the "magic score" the mom disappeared into, which "drew on the conventional pulling-a-rabbit-from-a-hat magic trick".

A Deliveroo advert, which suggested potentialities can regain deliveries from different restaurants instantly, is basically the most complained about ad that has been banned this year, a watchdog has said.

Although the ASA noted that there was on-screen text to clarify the nature of Deliveroo's service, the regulator concluded: "The overall impression [was] that customers could order food from different restaurants to be delivered together".

For this reason, it told Deliveroo that it must not broadcast it again in its current form.

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