Facebook integrating Crisis Response feature with WhatsApp for better disaster management

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New features will also allow for photo and video sharing within the Crisis Response center on Facebook, letting individuals share first-hand accounts of road closures, building collapses, floods or other events, according to Dalton Smith. But people can now offer or request help through the messaging app, instead of using just Facebook Messenger.

Under Facebook's Crisis Response tool, various features are offered, like Safety Check, Community Help, and Fundraisers. Facebook is introducing new updates in this feature to improve its functionality.

"We heard loud and clear from people that what they really needed was more information during times of crisis", Emily Dalton Smith, director of social impact product at Facebook, told CNet. We've seen employees wanting to contribute their aid during disasters, and it can prove hard to get important updates to employees and ascertain their status; integrating Facebook's Crisis Response into your internal crisis communications, then, could be a smart move for some organizations.

The question is, why is Facebook integrating WhatsApp with this feature?

Apart from it, the feature's integration with WhatsApp will allow users to share first-hand information about the crises. Facebook is partnering with more than 100 organisations.

These disaster maps have also been improved as they work with experts on things like displacement, commute patterns, tourist populations, etc. This information help authorities to distribute supplies or reach to people in need.

With the updates, Facebook says it's now able to deliver these updates to state and local officials, as well as federal relief agencies, thanks to partnerships with organizations like Direct Relief and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation.

Additionally, Facebook is also updating its disaster maps to be more accurate in collaboration with agencies such as the International Displacement Monitoring Centre.

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