Jeremy Corbyn 'very sorry' over Labour party anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn 'very sorry' over Labour party anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn 'very sorry' over Labour party anti-Semitism

Mr Corbyn has apologised to the Jewish community before, but faced criticism for failing to do so in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil last week.

In other news, it has emerged that Jeremy Corbyn wrote to U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday to ask him to revise USA negotiating objectives for a post-Brexit trade deal to ensure Britain's public health service is not included.

Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, says Johnson desires to promote elements of the publicly funded system to United States corporations.

He has been condemned for allowing anti-Semitism to spread under his leadership, and the Labour Party has been called out for its poor handling of anti-Semitic accusations.

On the intervention of the chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, in the election campaign, who said Corbyn was not fit to be prime minister, the Labour leader said that he has not been contacted directly about it but he would be happy to talk with him.

In response, Mr Corbyn said anti-Jewish racism was "vile and wrong" and would not be tolerated in any form under a future Labour government.

Schofield interrupted: "So are you sorry?"

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives have increased their lead over the opposition Labour Party slightly over the last week to 12 points, a survey by Kantar showed on Tuesday, ahead of a December 12 election.

"But I want to make this very clear: I am dealing with it, I have dealt with it, other parties are also affected by anti-Semitism".

The Liberal Democrats now sit third in the national polls, with an average poll rating of 13%, compared to 33% for Labour and 43% for the Conservatives.

Corbyn repeated again: "Can I just make it clear ... our party and me do not accept antisemitism in any form..."

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