Woman missing in Northern Territory found dead

Australian police said on Wednesday they believe they have found the remains of a woman missing in the country's remote outback for weeks.

Mr Tran was found by a pastoralist on Tuesday about 12km from the ute.

Her partner Tamra McBeath-Riley, 52, of Alice Springs, and their dog Raya were rescued on late Sunday afternoon after a station worker noticed tyre tracks and alerted police.

Mr Fogarty found tracks and followed footprints before he saw Mr Tran come out of a large cement pipe he had slept in.

After almost two weeks, Ms McBeath-Riley was found on Sunday after police discovered the trio's vehicle which had become bogged in the Hugh River.

Mr Tran told police he had separated from Ms Hockridge two days earlier after they reached a fence on the property.

'We are concerned that she may have limited water, ' she said.

Tamra McBeath-Riley (left) and Claire Hockridge (right) were reported missing after setting out for a hike in central Australia.

They had used up all their supplies of water, as well as some vodka drinks, biscuits and beef noodles they had in the vehicle.

The discovery of Mr Tran had narrowed the rugged area being looking at by searchers in helicopters, Ms Vicary said earlier.

After running out of water, Phu Tran and Hockridge went looking for help, taking only a compass and a Global Positioning System.

Ms Hockridge was last seen by Mr Tran at the boundary fence of a station south of Alice Springs two days ago, where the two had parted ways and he chose to follow the fence line.

Formal identification is yet to be conducted and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

After leaving their vehicle where it became bogged in the bed of the Finke River on November 19, the three drank from a cattle watering hole and ate biscuits and beef noodles before splitting up.

For a few days, the group stayed close to the vehicle, surviving on the limited supplies they had packed, McBeath-Riley said.

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