Genius lyrics site are suing Google for stealing lyrics

Genius sues Google for 'no less than $50m', alleging 'anticompetitive practices' over lyrics

Genius sues Google for 'no less than $50m', alleging 'anticompetitive practices' over lyrics

For example, when a user searches a song's lyrics on Google, they see the full transcription at the top of the page and have to scroll past it to view results from websites like Genius. Genius is now suing for allegedly lifting lyrics, accusing Google and partner lyrics, LyricFind, violating the terms of service. Genius is suing Google based on "anticompetitive behavior" and unfair competition, and wants $50 million in combined minimum damages.

In June, Google took a conciliatory tone. Google apparently ripped off the exact text from the Genius page, including odd spacing and apostrophe placements that acted as a digital fingerprint and allowed Genius to track the theft.

From October to December previous year, Genius says it searched its lyrics every day and found clear evidence of copying in 116 of the 301 songs it tested.

"It is highly unlikely that another source of lyrics would be a character-for-character match-including punctuation, contractions, and line breaks-with lyrics appearing on Genius's website, without having been copied from Genius's website". What may still be most interesting, however, is how Genius claims it caught Google and LyricFind in the act-by using straight and curly apostrophes to spell out "Red Handed" in Morse code on Google's search results, according to the Wall Street Journal's earlier report. More than two years later, Genius alleges in its lawsuit that Google and its partner, LyricFind, "continue to exploit content misappropriated from Genius's website while apparently attempting to hide that misappropriation".

Several months later, now Genius says it has proof.

The feature is handy and works with the help of the search giant's partnership with lyrics licensing company LyricFind Inc.

Google and Genius have a sordid past, but this is Genius' first turn playing the victim.

"We do not crawl or scrape websites to source these lyrics", Google group product manager for search Satyajeet Salgar wrote in the post.

LyricFind, on the other hand, noted that their team sources the lyrics from various websites and since those websites also show the same watermarks, it's possible that they "unknowingly sourced Genius lyrics". Genius are filing for a minimum of $50 million Dollars - around $73 million in dollarydoos.

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