Jeremy Corbyn forced to admit he does not watch Queen's Christmas speech

Jeremy Corbyn forced to admit he does not watch Queen's Christmas speech

Jeremy Corbyn forced to admit he does not watch Queen's Christmas speech

Mr Corbyn added: 'If the doc will not be correct, then why is it, it has been on the market all this time, no minister has claimed it is inaccurate.

It was the Labour leader's Theresa May moment - and it was about as risqué as his former rival's memory of running through a field of wheat.

The news anchor said: "John McDonnell said he wouldn't move into No 11 - he'd allow a homeless family to live there". It can't be right.

The Labour leader was also asked whether he watched the Queen's speech on Christmas Day. Just watch the exchange between This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield and Corbyn on Tuesday - and tell me the experience wasn't gut wrenching for you. "It's at three o'clock in the afternoon".

Asked whether he would remain as leader at the end of the next parliamentary term even if he fails to remove Boris Johnson from office, Mr Corbyn said: "I hope so, yes, because I feel I'm fit, I feel I'm quite young enough to do the job. and I'm very determined to carry out what we've got there".

Pressed on whether he usually watches the monarch's public addresses, the 70-year-old said: "There is lots to do".

While Corbyn admitted he wasn't very good at housework, he said: "I am good at putting the garbage out, I am good at putting the recycling out ..."

Zizek, whom the German Der Spiegel newspaper in 2015 described as "one of Europe's boldest intellectuals and also a self-avowed leftist", condemned British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis's warning last month about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party ahead of the December 12 election as "ethically disgusting". "Antisemitism is a vile evil in our society". I've spent my life opposing racism.

"It's the only way for decent people of all faiths and none to say no to anti-semitism and show solidarity with their Jewish neighbours, workmates and friends". "And where there's been delays, by my party, in instituting a process, of course I apologise to those that suffered as a result of it", he said.

The full programme - The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn - Tonight - will air on ITV at 7.30pm on Thursday.

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